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Brandon Quinn

Brandon QuinnWith 15 years of professional tattooing under his belt, Brandon has developed a great deal of skill as an artist. His portfolio reflects this fact with how well rounded it is. He does pretty much every tattoo style, including but not limited to bioorganic, neotraditional, surrealism, and portraiture, in both black and grey and color. Brandon is a totally self taught artist who’s love for the art of tattooing has gotten him a tremendous amount of respect locally in Arizona, as well as Colorado where he worked for some time. One interesting thing about Brandon is that he is very technology oriented and has gone totally digital with his approach to design, using products from leading companies like Wacom and Apple for most of his tattoo compositions. This allows him to achieve a greater amount of efficiency and unlimited flexibility when conceptualizing a new piece. He uses all of the most cutting edge equipment and techniques and is constantly looking to improve his craft by continuing his education in the fine arts and attending seminars held by some of the best tattoo artists around the United States. With all the extra work he puts in, it’s easy to see why Brandon is such a gifted tattoo artist.