Gilbert Parra

My name is Gilbert “Skript” Parra. I’m from Phoenix, AZ. Maryvale area. How I got into art were from my Ma and Popz. My parents have always been into music, art, and sports. I’ve done all but art has always been in my heart. My artistic ability grew even more when I got into graffiti. Building letters or painting realistic images on a large scale has taught me how to be creative for myself and for the public. I’ve taken one art class in college “introduction of art.” Outside of that I have been self-taught, but I have to give credit to my friends who have shared whatever knowledge they have with me. I’ve been tattooing for almost 4 years and I love every minute of it. I love to do realism, neotraditional, and lettering, the best way to get a hold of me is to :

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