About Us

Dark Horse Tattoo Company

Dark Horse Tattoo Company was founded in 2016 with the intention of becoming one of the very best tattoo shops in the state of Arizona. Let it be understood that this is no easy task. There are a lot of really great tattoo shops in the state, particularly in Gilbert around where Dark Horse is located. The tattoo community in Arizona is very heavily saturated, so it’s pretty difficult to stand out unless you have something really special to offer. At Dark Horse, we believe that artistic skill, professional integrity, and customer service are the three most important things to consider when evaluating a tattoo shop. We offer all three of these things and more, and strive every day to set the standard of excellence in tattooing.


First and foremost, let’s talk about skills. It’s good to be friendly, and it’s better to be professional, but it’s important to point out that while you may be in our shop for only one day, the tattoo you will wear on your body thereafter will be on you for the rest of your life. Ten years from now you may not remember the artist’s name that did your piece, or what he was wearing, how he talked, or how his breath smelled, but you will surely be able to look at your tattoo at any given moment and tell whether or not he did a good job on it. The quality of any piece of tattoo art is paramount in a client’s overall satisfaction with our services, and we take that very seriously. For this reason, as well as our own personal intrinsic motivation to create beautiful art, we tirelessly hone our skills through countless hours of practice and self-education, as well as formal and classical education in fine art and related fields of study, to provide the best artwork that we can personally offer. This dedication to our craft is the first thing that separates us from the rest of the average, run of the mill shops out there. Make no mistake. When it comes to art, we know our stuff, and we have the portfolios to back that statement up.

Professional Integrity

Now let’s discuss professional integrity. You should know that when it comes to doing things right and staying true to principle in the context of tattooing, we are not willing to compromise. Whether we’re talking about safety precautions and cross contamination prevention techniques, or punctuality and timeliness in keeping our appointments, you can rest assured that at Dark Horse Tattoo Company we are always going to choose the high road and stay true to what we believe is right and what’s fair. We don’t cut corners because we know that in this business, there is too much at stake to get lazy and lax when it comes to ethics. We are dedicated to setting the standard for professionalism in the tattoo industry and wish to consistently prove that, day after day.

Customer Service

Although it is probably a tertiary concern when compared to skill level and professionalism, customer service goes a long way in the business world and we recognize that at Dark Horse. A lot of tattoo shops are full of people so abrasive that you almost wonder how they even stay in business with that sort of attitude. Most tattoo artists don’t care a whole lot about what other people think about them, and for good reason. You kind of have to be that way to decide to dedicate your life to a profession that has traditionally been ostracized by mainstream society for a very long time. And while we might share that quality to some extent with our tattoo brethren, we are definitely on the friendlier side of the tattoo artist spectrum. You will find that we are both knowledgeable and informative, and that we care about people quite a bit here at our tattoo shop. We will do everything that we can to make sure you are happy with your overall experience with us in addition to being satisfied with the artwork you receive from us. We want to build the best possible relationship with our clientele, a lot of whom end up becoming real friends of ours because of how personal of an experience tattooing can be.

The Dark Horse Difference

So there you have it. That’s what is important to us in a nutshell, and that’s what sets us apart from our competition. At Dark Horse Tattoo Company you can expect a quality piece of art, undeniably professional service, and genuinely good people. We look forward to providing Gilbert and the surrounding cities of Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, along with the rest of the Phoenix Metropolitan area with high quality original tattoo art for many years to come. Stop by today and see what we have to offer. You will not be disappointed.